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Make stock selection easier with thorough analysis of top companies
Track the performance of your portfolio and dividends in the portfolio tracker
Get an overview of fair prices of shares of the 500 most popular companies
Current information and summaries of results for your companies

Thorough stock analysis

Looking for inspiration for your portfolio? In Bulios Black, you will find plenty of it. Our experienced team analyzes stocks with interesting dividends or growth potential in detail every day.

Education for everyone

Are you a complete beginner or just want to refresh your knowledge? In the Bulios Academy, you will find not only quality sources of information in text and video form, but also mentoring.

Fair prices in detail of shares

Knowing the fair prices of shares is absolutely crucial for success in investing. Thanks to Bulios Black membership, you will now know whether a given share is too expensive or cheap and worth deeper analysis.

News about stocks

Do you want to know about every important event related to companies in your portfolio and other favorite stocks? As part of Bulios Black membership, you will have a perfect overview thanks to Flash news.

Clear results of companies

Bulios Black membership will give you access to all the features of our earnings calendar, where you can easily find data on the announcements of your companies' results and links directly to the details of these results.

Portfolio Tracker

The Portfolio Tracker on Bulios will provide you with a perfect overview of your portfolio, including a dividend calendar, AI stock evaluations, and other practical features.

A completely new experience of Bulios

Thanks to Bulios Black membership, you will see Bulios itself in a completely different light, literally. New logo, black buttons, improved profile, black icon next to the name, and a lot of details that an ordinary user will never see.

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Full version All-In-One • 27.99 EUR 16.99 EUR / month • Cancel anytime
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